Travel & Accommodation

For international students only

And learn more about this fascinating, eclectic, mysterious city in an IBT Academy Newsletter (coming soon!)


  • Students must purchase their own airline tickets (with insurance)


  • have their own extracurricular spending money sufficient for the duration of their stay


Chaperoned Travel and Other Arrangements

  • Chaperoned travel from New York JFK airport to housing in Palermo and back will be provided;


  • Departure from the US overnight;


  • flight with one stop-over;


  • landing in Palermo on the next calendar day;


  •  will meet at IBT Academy and proceed to the airport;


  • on return from Italy, parents may meet underage students at the airport on arrival;


  • adult students (18+) may leave directly from the airport 


Your Boutique Hostel and Daily Routine

International students (on first come, first served basis) will be housed in a lovely residential historical district at a Boutique Hostel A Casa di Amici (which translates from the Italian as Staying With Friends). Students will be housed in private rooms with four beds and an ensuite bathroom in each room.


The street, via Dante, is very safe, green and manicured, peaceful and charming, with some small shops and an occasional small grocer and cafe.


A Casa di Amici is located about 8 min walk from the Politeama Theater Square and 10 min walk from the Practice Studios’ entrance at the back of the Theater.


  • Breakfast is provided for the duration of the student’s stay 


  • Palermo Ballet Summer Intensive staff (two chaperones) will be on site to assist all students. Both chaperones will live on the premises;


  • PBSI staff will escort students to class on a fixed schedule


Palermo’s Via Dante in 1933; a rare archival photo


To see the walk from Politeama Theater Square to the Hostel watch the video below starting from 1 min 53 sec mark.



In addition to the free WiFi, A Casa di Amici offers


  • a fully equipped kitchen and a cosy chill-out area with a satellite TV;


  • a bar with a comfortable terrace, open all day long for you to stop by for a cappuccino or a fresh squeezed orange juice (spremuta);


  • a yoga / meditation space, open 24/7.


A Casa di Amici is privately owned by a sunny Italian lady called Claudia and by her brother. The family owns a large collection of ethnic musical instruments, and there’s a piano at the hostel as well.